Nutritional Supplement and Medical Food Recommendations

We want you to see us as more than just a place where you purchase nutritional supplements because we are here to actually make a difference in your health. The brands that we carry are professional products we use daily with our patients in the practice. This products are GMP or triple GMP certified and backed by research.

They are hand selected and combined from years of practice and testing and show consistent results. You can feel confident you are getting the highest quality supplements with unsurpassed purity and most of all with proven effectiveness. WE also use medical foods in our practice, which are used to treat certain disease and imbalance states. They are FDA regulated and include GRAS (generally recognized as as safe) ingredients. Supplement and medical food recommendations are customized based on each individual need.

Below you will find a link to one of the Professional Product Lines we use, Metagenics. You will save 20% your first order using this site and 10% off reoccurring orders with free shipping. All other lines are available in office.