Consult With a Nutritionist and Fitness Specialist

Metabolic Syndrome/Obesity

Digestive Disorders (GERD, Acid Reflux, IBS, etc.)

Food Sensitivities & Allergies


Thyroid Disease (including Hashimoto's)

Adrenal Dysfunction

Blood Sugar Imbalance

Autoimmune Disorders

Optimal Health and Disease Prevention

Cindy's training and education in Health and Nutrition Science has focused on biochemistry, metabolism, and physiology. She draws on this to understand your particular needs and develop a plan of action to have you feeling your best. A whole body approach is taken for some of the following disorders:

Pricing and Session Layout:

I am able to offer such reasonable pricing on visits because they are done via phone and in certain cases skype/facetime. This also allows for flexible scheduling. As many patients prefer lunchtime sessions while at work or on weekends.

Initial Consultation- : In the initial consultation you and Cindy will discuss all of your health concerns, go through a very detailed health history and set health goals. Cindy will go over your diet, educate you on what foods are best for you and help you construct healthy meals. She will also recommend specific tests that would be most beneficial for you depending on your concerns and overall goals.

Initial Consultation, 70 minutes – $150

Follow-up Visits - : You will be notified when the test results come back, if you have taken any and set up a follow-up consultation where Cindy will discuss your results and explain all the findings. Cindy focuses on her patients being able to understand what was explained to them.  She will then customize a nutritional regimen to address all the imbalances uncovered in your results. She will also continue to address diet and lifestyle to build on what you learned in the previous session. 

After the first follow-up, patients usually see Cindy once or twice a month for a few months; frequency and length of treatment is different for everyone. You are not locked into any program, so you come as you wish! Typically, Cindy will recommend that you see her more frequently in the beginning of your treatment, and then slowly taper off as you feel better. The goal is to make you feel like yourself again!

Follow-up Consultations, 30 Minutes – $65