Trust Our Certified Nutritionist Specialist


Cindy Moustafa is Nutritionist and Fitness Specialist and the founder of Forever F.I.T.

She holds her Masters degree in Health & Nutrition from Brooklyn College and is a Certified Nutritionist Specialist, board certified with AADP and is a certified Fitness Instructor.

After graduating SUNY F.I.T. with a degree in advertising and marketing, Cindy began her career in the marketing world, and worked for companies such as The Knot and Television Week. By the time Cindy was 24, she noticed she was suffering from fatigue, IBS, terrible PMS, and weight gain, despite a consistent workout routine. After countless Doctor visits, Cindy realized she wasn’t getting any real answers, and instead was offered drugs such as Prozac, to help her with her PMS.

Not wanting to start the cascade of medication reliance at the young age of 24, Cindy decided to trust her body and take matters into her own hands. She drastically changed her diet, and through a lot of research and trial and error, she found what a diet and exercise routine that worked best.

She saw a 20 pound weight loss within a couple of months and her IBS, allergy and fatigue symptoms greatly improved. Falling in love with group fitness, she decided to get certified and started teaching at local gyms including Lucille Roberts and Harbor Fitness. She decided to pursue her passion and enrolled in the graduate program for Nutrition at Brooklyn College, with the intention of helping others empower themselves through improved health.

Through a series of events, including her father falling ill, and finding out she has an autoimmune condition, Cindy began to direct her efforts towards clinical nutrition care with the sole desire help others neglected by the broken health care system.

Cindy has had extensive experience in various fields of nutrition care. She started her career working under a Dietitian at an alternative therapy center for children with ADHD, Autism and other disorders, offering nutrition-based solutions. Within that center, Cindy created an after-school fitness & nutrition program from the ground up and taught the curriculum including cooking classes, for over-weight children with food sensitives. She also completed an internship with a successful clinical nutrition practice in Hoboken, where she was trained in functional testing, metabolic disorders and sports nutrition.

Cindy has also worked on both the Look AHEAD study, an NIH-funded study focusing on diabetes and weight management, and the LIFT study, an NIH funded study focusing on weight-management for pregnant woman.

Cindy has also worked for the YMCA in Brooklyn as a Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator. Currently, she works for Metagenics where she gets to consult Doctors and Practitioners in the area on how to treat their patients through healthy lifestyle recommendations instead of just pharmaceuticals.

Patients work with Cindy to get an individualized program of diet, fitness recommendations and supplement recommendations to meet their personal needs and goals. Cindy is very thorough and adamant about taking the time to listen to the patient so she can treat them as a whole. She has helped all of her patients overcome their health problems and gain a new perspective on life. She uses her broad background to integrate a balanced approach that helps change her patients lives.


She has been featured in several articles, including Fox News Magazine. She stays current by attending several seminars and continuing education throughout the year.

Cindy lives at home with her husband Nunzio and their 2 children Luca and Laila. So she understands what its like to have a busy schedule and the challenges that can come with trying to find time for yourself.

So what are you waiting for?