Providing You With Holistic Nutrition Plans

Cindy Moustafa, CNS, MS, A.A.D.P, A.A.F.A. Holistic Nutritionist & Fitness Specialist

Clinical Nutrition

Cindy likes to get to the root of health concerns instead of masking symptoms. Let her help you feel like yourself again!

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Pure FAT LOSS program

Have stubborn fat? Our program will transform your body and your life without having you feel starved.

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Services Offered for:

Weight Loss

Blood Sugar Imbalances

Adrenal Fatigue

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Acid Reflux, IBS, etc.


Thyroid Disease

Autoimmune Disease

Healthy and Safe Detox

"...Cindy was able to help me work toward my goals by being personable and customizing a program that would best fit my needs.  She is very accommodating will periodically check in with you and email articles, recipes, and tips and advice to stay focused on your goals....Cindy will kick your ASS into SHAPE as long as you follow the program she designs and creates for you..."

- Kristen D., New York

"I lost over 100 pounds in a year working with Cindy and it was all natural! My cousin had gastric bypass surgery and we lost the same weight, except I never went under the knife. Everything Cindy laid out for me made sense and I never felt deprived. Whenever I needed some support she was there 110%. My whole life has changed!"

-Brigit, Brooklyn, NY

"...Cindy helped me reach all of my weight-loss and fitness goals. She's really smart and knows her stuff! I recommend anyone looking to make a change in their eating and health to go see her!"

Danielle P., New York

"...I was at a loss in my life I have a syndrome called postdural tachycardia syndrome & vertigo. I have been suffering for almost 2 years, have been to just about every DR there is, I've been hospitalized several times for this illness, been on at least 11 types of medication,which included terrible side effects.

I had been told about Cindy & as a last resort decided to give her a try ( NO OFFENSE CINDY!). For the first time I feel a little more energetic! In 12 days I lost 10 pounds with no exercise (which I can't do due to my condition).... She is a wonderful, kind person that is not only there to put together a meal plan, but she listens to what you have to say, & never once did I feel rushed, & if you have a question about anything she gets right back to you & trys to help! I highly recommend Cindy!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CINDY!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Margie, Brooklyn, New York

" An unhealthy food relationship will cause emotional stresses which can lead to eating disorders that we are all too familiar whether you have a daughter or son at any age…. My daughter Gabrielle & I were referred to Cindy by a family member, we met in October 2013. Cindy has a positive approach and is a gifted nutritionist and trainer, she understands the struggle and leads by example.  We use her recipes’ and have implemented her recommendations on protein and supplements...We are so pleased to be working with Cindy and my daughter has made remarkable progress, she now has a “clear” understanding of a “healthy” relationship  with food and a disciplined workout routine. I am very proud of her accomplishments and have been enjoying the education and time when accompanying my daughter on her appointments.

If you want to help yourself or help someone you love ….. call Cindy she is a Blessing!!"

-Rose V., New Jersey

"Cindy was able to help me toward my goals ,by working together on an organized program that would best fit my needs.

She is so smart ,helpful and friendly to talk with and be open. In my 4 week weight-loss program with Cindy , I lost about 6% of my body fat , gained 6% lean body mass and had more energy.

The most important thing that I learned is how I listen to my body ,accept my body and be happy with it. I recommend anyone looking to make changes in their lifestyle, diet and health... go and see Cindy now! She is amazing as a nutritionist and motivator."

-Zein S., Brooklyn, NY

"I just want to commend Cindy on her ability to get me to achieve my weight goals and health goals. Cindy, with her care and understanding and gentle approach with me in addition to her very successful nutritional program, was able to get me to feel better about myself and lose the weight and inches that I wanted to lose, and we did it, in the healthiest way possible!!!"  I never felt hunger and it's easy to do... How bad do you want it? She was always there for moral support and I am so thankful to have her in my life...

Jessica I., Brooklyn, NY

"My experience with Cindy has been wonderful. Not only is she very understanding & nice, but understands your needs. She is extremely concerned about your health & well-being. She is very knowledgeable & thorough.  She will give  you what you need, not a one size fits all when it comes to food plan, exercise, etc. she is always available to answer any questions you may have."

-Denise R., Brooklyn, NY